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Description LBS-09LKM

Imagine the situation: You just bought a house or apartment. A long-awaited dream has come true, now all your thoughts are aimed at creating an ideal environment for life. Interior, furniture, renovation - you have planned everything and started implementing your own ideas. And now the turn has come to the stage of choosing an air conditioner. You have two bedrooms, an office and a kitchen-living room. We need four air conditioners, but the developer allowed us to install only one outdoor unit on the facade of the house, allocating a separate place for this. What to do? There is a way out - a multi-split system - one air conditioner for several rooms at the same time.

How it works? For the user, there is no difference with a conventional air conditioner. you also have an indoor unit in the room, able to select individual parameters for it, such as temperature or fan speed, controlled by an infrared remote control. For each room, you can choose the optimal power from 2 to 7 kW, as well as the type of indoor unit, such as a conventional wall or channel, cassette or console.

The control of each unit is individual, the only feature is that the system cannot work in different modes at the same time. That is, it is impossible to turn on the air conditioner for cooling in one room, and for heating in the second, but such tasks for domestic premises are very rare. The Norwegian brand Leberg in 2020 presents a new product - the R32 multi-split system.

The model range consists of six capacities of external units and four internal ones. The systems are designed for 2/3/4/5 rooms ranging from 10 to 50 m². Thanks to inverter control, Leberg R32 multisplit systems are able to operate in extreme environmental conditions - for cooling up to + 52⁰С, and for heating up to -15⁰С. At the same time, seasonal energy efficiency coefficients allow us to confidently assert the efficiency of these systems - class A ++ for cold and class A + for heating. Internal blocks have wall execution. It is possible to select different operating modes, such as, for example, night mode, turbo mode, timer off. With the Magic Swing function, the user can select the optimal airflow direction. A hidden LED display shows the set temperature. The kit also includes high-density anti-dust filters, which are effective in cleaning the air from various pollutants. The heat exchangers of the indoor units are covered with a hydrophilic film that prevents corrosion. In the event of power surges, an emergency shutdown of the air conditioner is possible. With the help of the auto-restart function, when the air conditioner is restarted, all the user's preset settings will be saved.

8 000 ₴

Tags: LBS-09LKM

Specification LBS-09LKM

Cooling capacity 2.58
Heat output, kW 2.7
Country of Origin China
Technical specifications
Inner size block, mm 750*285*200
Product Details
# 988
8 000 ₴

Reviews LBS-09LKM

Хорошо, что в свое время посоветовался с монтажником, который рекомендовал поставить мульти сплит систему, чтоб в каждую комнату и не заморачиваться открытыми дверями, что холодный воздух дойдет в соседнюю. Вышло дороже, но пока не пожалел ни разу.

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