Leberg LBS-VKG12UA/LBU-VKG12UA - Inverter air conditioner

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Self cleaning
Automatic self-cleaning of the indoor unit at the end of each operation cycle
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Inverter air conditioners, compared to non-inverter ones, have lower electricity consumption, low noise level and can work for heating up to -15 C
Auto restart
If the air conditioner turns on unexpectedly due to a power failure, it will automatically turn on and return to the previous settings after power is restored.
Freon R410
Safe, environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant
24 months warranty
TM Leberg provides 24 months of official warranty from the manufacturer. Service centers Leberg are located in all major cities of Ukraine.

18 999 ₴

Description Leberg LBS-VKG12UA/LBU-VKG12UA - Inverter air conditioner

The manufacturer of climatic equipment from Norway, Leberg, will present a novelty in 2020 in Ukraine - an inverter household air conditioner of the Viking Inverter LBS / LBU-VKG12UA series.

The power of the bottom model is 3.5 kW , designed for a room up to 35 square meters.

Air conditioner Leberg series Viking LBS / LBU-VKG12UA: characteristics and functions

The appearance of the indoor unit is made in the usual, classic style of household split systems .

Case material - first-class white plastic , which has no smell. And the parts fit snugly together, which minimizes gaps.

Due to its small dimensions, installation is possible even in small spaces .

For ease of use, the Viking Inverter LBS/LBU-VKG12UA split system is equipped with an inconspicuous LED display.

Functions and special features of the inverter air conditioner Leberg Viking LBS/LBU-VKG12UA

As in all Leberg brand air conditioners, the heat exchangers in the outdoor and indoor units are covered with a special film - hydrophilic.

This coating prevents corrosion and prolongs the life of the equipment .

In addition, the Viking LBS / LBU-VKG12UA model is protected by automatic shutdown during a power surge.

And the auto-restart function saves the settings on which the air conditioner worked after turning it on.

Toshiba inverter compressor , this model, provides stable operation for heating up to -15°C.

This feature guarantees year-round use of the air conditioner, both for cold and for heating .

Additionally, a wave filter is installed to clean the air from small dust particles.

The throughput channels of which trap dust from 0.5 mm in size .

This feature reduces the dust content of the air up to 80%.

Such a cleaning system does not require replacement , just periodically wash the filter.

Other features of Leberg Viking LBS/LBU-VKG12UA inverter split system :

  • work on heat up to -15°С;
  • heat exchangers are covered with a special hydrophilic film;
  • elimination of odor and plaque in the indoor unit (self-cleaning);
  • three functions of work "Turbo", "Sleep", "Timer";
  • standard modes of operation cooling/heating/dehumidification/ventilation;
  • turn off the display of the indoor unit.

Household air conditioner Leberg Viking LBS/LBU-VKG12UA: buy in Ukraine

You can buy a new model of the Leberg Viking Inverter LBS/LBU-VKG12UA split system by placing an order through the shopping cart on the website .

Free shipping will take 1 to 3 days .

It also comes with a 24 month official warranty.

Contact the phone number 0800507065 for an order, consultation or assistance in selecting the right product.

18 999 ₴

Specification Leberg LBS-VKG12UA/LBU-VKG12UA - Inverter air conditioner

Room area, sq.m. up to 35
Power, BTU 11450
Type inverter
Energy saving class A
Compressor Toshiba
Cooling capacity 3.5(1.6-4.3)
Heat output, kW 3.6(1.6-4.4)
SEER 5.1
SCOP 3.4
Freon R410
Operating temperature range, C -15 to +50
Warranty, months 24
Turbo mode Available
dust filter Available
Night mode Available
Operating modes Cooling/Heating/Dehumidification/Ventilation/Auto
Air conditioner cleaning mode Available
Auto restart Available
Vertical blind adjustment Available
Switching off the backlight of the display Available
Timer Available
Technical specifications
Coating of heat exchangers hydrophilic
Inner size block, mm 715*285*194
Noise level inside block, dB 26/35.5/39.5
Outdoor unit size, mm 720×270×495
Power consumption for cooling, W 1045(280~1393)
Power consumption for heating, W 1023(300~1442)
Noise level of the outdoor unit, dB 55
Weight of the internal block, kg 7.6
Dehumidification, liters/hour 1.2
Maximum line height difference, m 10
Maximum line length, m 25
Maximum current consumption, A 10.5
Freon weight, kg. 0.66
Outdoor unit weight, kg 23.5
Power supply indoor unit
Connecting pipes dimensions, mm 6.35/9.52
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18 999 ₴

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Пульт компактный, удобный в использовании. Работает супер)

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