Air conditioner Leberg LS-24ODI3/LU-24ODI3

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Self cleaning
Automatic self-cleaning of the indoor unit at the end of each operation cycle
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Energy-saving class A
The high efficiency of the air conditioner ensures energy savings
Inverter air conditioners, compared to non-inverter ones, have lower electricity consumption, low noise level and can work for heating up to -15 C
Auto restart
If the air conditioner turns on unexpectedly due to a power failure, it will automatically turn on and return to the previous settings after power is restored.
Freon R410
Safe, environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant
24 months warranty
TM Leberg provides 24 months of official warranty from the manufacturer. Service centers Leberg are located in all major cities of Ukraine.

36 999 ₴

Description Air conditioner Leberg LS-24ODI3/LU-24ODI3

Video review Leberg LS-24ODI3/LU-24ODI3

4 modes of air conditioning
Inverter control in Leberg LS-07ODI3/LU-07ODI3 air conditioner
Heating operation up to -15 C in Leberg LS-07ODI3/LU-07ODI3 air conditioner
Self-cleaning in the Leberg air conditioner


COOLING / HEATING / VENTILATION / DRYING - four basic modes of operation of the Leberg LS-24ODI3 / LU-24ODI3 air conditioner . Also, additionally, AUTO mode is available, in which the system, without the help of the user, independently maintains a comfortable temperature in the room.


Leberg LS-24ODI3/LU-24ODI3 is an inverter air conditioner that works fully for space heating up to -15C. This possibility is achieved thanks to the inverter compressor. Also, due to inverter technology, it works much quieter and consumes less electricity.


Unlike a conventional On-Off air conditioner , the LS/LU-24ODI3 inverter split system is capable of operating in heating mode up to 15 degrees below zero. This type of heating is much more profitable in the consumption of electricity from more familiar devices - electric convectors, fan heaters, infrared heaters.


During the operation of the air conditioner, condensate collects on the internal parts of the heat exchanger, which, in turn, during the next use, can create an unpleasant odor, mold, fungus. The self-cleaning function eliminates this process by drying the parts of the indoor unit.

Technical parameters of Leberg LS/LU-24ODI3 air conditioner

Area, sq.m

Power, W

Noise level, dB

Dimensions int. block, mm

up to 70




Main functions air conditioner Leberg series ODIN 3.0 LS/LU-24ODI3

Self cleaning


Night mode

Turbo mode




Auto restart

36 999 ₴

Specification Air conditioner Leberg LS-24ODI3/LU-24ODI3

Room area, sq.m. up to 70
Power, BTU 24000
Type inverter
Energy saving class A
Compressor GMCC
Cooling capacity 6.8(1.0-7.2)
Heat output, kW 6.8(1.0-6.9)
SEER 3.21
SCOP 3,62
Freon R410
Operating temperature range, C -15 to +43
Warranty, months 24
Turbo mode Available
dust filter Available
Night mode Available
Operating modes Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Ventilate
Air conditioner cleaning mode Available
Auto restart Available
Vertical blind adjustment Available
Switching off the backlight of the display Available
Timer Available
Technical specifications
Coating of heat exchangers hydrophilic
Inner size block, mm 1085×315×236
Noise level inside block, dB 46/43/39/36
Outdoor unit size, mm 860X650X310
Power consumption for cooling, W 6800(1000-7200)
Power consumption for heating, W 1880(300-2000)
Noise level of the outdoor unit, dB 55
Weight of the internal block, kg 15
Maximum line height difference, m 7
Maximum line length, m 15
Maximum current consumption, A 9.5
Freon weight, kg. 1.5
Outdoor unit weight, kg 45
Power supply indoor unit
Connecting pipes dimensions, mm 9.525/15.875
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36 999 ₴

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